Philosophy and Tuition


Welcome to Alki Beach Child Care!  Please do not hesitate to Contact Us to set up a tour or request information.  Alki Beach Child Care is a unique bilingual program specifically designed to provide the highest quality care and early childhood exposure in Spanish, exploration and creative arts.  The foundation of our program is our leadership and quality child care teachers, whose passion and desire is to provide love, attention and education to infants and children through age 6. Additionally, we participate in the City of Seattle's Child Care Nutrition Program which encourages healthy meals for healthy children.  We provide all food.  We are located 1/2 block away from Alki Beach which provides a fantastic location for outdoor activities, wildlife and recreation.  A perfect place for children to learn, explore and have fun in the Pacific Northwest.

 The Founder and Health and Educational Director, Diana Hayes has been taking care of children since she was a child where she grew up in Acapulco, Mexico. She has nurtured and cared for children and family all her life.  Diana became a U.S. citizen in 2013 and has completed the Child Development Associate (CDA) certification.  She worked as a teacher for La Escuelita Bilingual School and Bright Horizons child care centers.  Her commitment to loving attention and quality care resulted in numerous compliments and personal requests for individual care.  Diana was quickly promoted to lead teacher. Diana left to pursue her goal of developing an elite and affordable child care of her own. She has taken her experience along with the best components of center care and created Alki Beach Child Care.  She opened Alki Beach Child Care in February 2014 with the community and working families in mind.  Her Vision is to develop smarter and healthier, bilingual children by providing center quality professional care at a fraction of the cost.

Our Lead infant teacher and support staff at Alki Beach Child Care are the key to our success.  Our personnel are hand-picked, accountable, trustworthy and have a passion for quality child care.  We are proud that our child care team is thoroughly experienced in bilingual child care and take pride in their continuous education in the best child care practices.  We are happy and excited to have your family join our familia (family). 

 Our Philosophy

 At Alki Beach Child Care, we believe that all children deserve love, attention, appreciation and respect and that children (beginning from the earliest years of life) can benefit from early exposure to culture, activities and language.   We respect all cultures and traditions and we work to share and incorporate a variety of activities into our Spanish speaking program. 

 The corazon (heart) of our philosophy is our passion to provide a positive learning environment that improves self-esteem, dignity and self- worth.  We recognize that each child is unique.  We strive to build and enhance each child’s emotional, physical and social development.    

 We believe that children learn best in a positive environment that fosters interactive play and hands-on activity.  Our model of care seeks to provide a nurturing environment rich in Spanish language, materials and activities. 

 Research, on brain development, shows that positive, supportive relationships are essential during the earliest years of life.  We believe that children achieve their fullest learning and development potential through stable, loving relationships and interactions with their child care staff.

 We work in partnership with families and appreciate the close ties between children and their families.  We recognize that parents/guardians are the experts concerning their children.

Creative Curriculum

 Our Program is based on the Creative Curriculum for Preschool from Teaching Strategies. Creative Curriculum is a research based curriculum that has been used to implement developmentally appropriate preschool programs for over 30 years. Creative Curriculum promotes rich and creative learning opportunities in all developmental areas: social emotional, physical development, cognitive development and language development. These activities and teaching methods enable every child to become confident, enthusiastic and creative learners.

 Our classroom is set up with the following interest areas:

  • Blocks - where children develop small muscle coordination, learn about sizes, shapes, numbers, order, patterns, learn how to work together and exchange ideas and viewpoints.
  • Dramatic Play - where children deepen their understanding of the world by engaging with others, recreate life experiences, learn to cooperate with their peers, share ideas and solve problems.
  • Toys & Games - where children practice eye-hand coordination, counting, make puzzles, do matching games, learn to take turns and develop confidence in completing a task successfully.
  • Art - where children create, explore materials, express themselves and their feelings, develop fine motor skills, and convey their individuality and originality.
  • Library – where children can relax and have quiet time looking at picture books, learning about different people and places, learning pre-reading skills such as left to right eye coordination, understanding symbols, develop listening skills, and use small muscles for writing and illustrating.

Child Care Objectives

 The programs and policies of Alki Beach Child Care have been designed to accomplish the following objectives:

            1.     Provide a safe, non-violent, emotionally supportive and nurturing learning environment for all                            children.

2.  Develop each child’s intellect, creativity, self-esteem, and self-worth.

3.     Provide a culturally diverse environment that respects individual customs and traditions.

4.  Provide activities and enhance each child’s social, emotional,

     cognitive, and physical development.

5.  Build an ongoing positive and mutually supportive working relationship

     with the families of the children in our care.

6.  Promote and encourage continual staff development in the areas of 

     professional child care, respect and teamwork.

Our Program and Environment

 At Alki Beach Child Care we are dedicated to active learning and participation, and we arrange our program and environment accordingly.  Our curriculum and activities are culturally diverse, allowing for the unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth of each child.  Our class is designed to be orderly and inviting with space enough for large and small group activities and quiet work areas.  Daily, we use our indoor area for play as well as daily walking field trips to the Alki park or playground to explore, learn and play.    

 We continually strive to provide high quality care for your child and evaluate our program throughout the year.  Our goal is to assess our strengths and targeting areas for improvement.  During our parent meetings we ask for your feedback and input and this is as a way for parents to directly influence the quality of the program at Alki Beach Child Care.

Monthly Rates

Please Call for our current Child Care rates.